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RCBH Church Library


Click the link below for the current catalogue of books in the library. 

The attached document is a PDF of the Library Index, which you can search using the 'Find' function in your web browser. The Index shows just the book name, author, publisher and date.  If you need more detail about the book - such as an outline, table of contents, etc, just do a web search on the book and author - in almost all cases you can find full cataloguing details on line, and often a full table of contents and helpful summaries and reviews of the book.

RCBH Library - Catalogue September 2023

Here are lists of recent additions to the Library.  Be sure to check them out! 

RCBH Library - July-September 2023 Additions

RCBH Library - April-June 2023 Additions

RCBH Library - January-March 2023 Additions

RCBH Library - October-December 2022 Additions

RCBH Library - July-September 2022 Additions

RCBH Library - April-June 2022 Additions

RCBH Library - January-March 2022 Additions 

RCBH Library - October-December 2021 Additions

RCBH Library - July-September 2021 Additions  

RCBH Library - April-June 2021 Additions

RCBH Library - January-March 2021 Additions

Why do we have a Church Library?

Books are important to Christians.  They always have been.

When the Apostle Paul was in prison in Rome, he wrote to the young pastor Timothy to encourage and instruct him.  And he asked Timothy to bring to him the things he most valued and most needed to warm him in body and soul: When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments.  (2 Timothy 4:13)

It is worth reading good books! 

The RCBH Church Library contains a selection of books to use in bible study, devotional reading, learning about the church and Christians of the past, and books for kids and teens.  The library is housed in the bookshelves on the upper level of the foyer and in the Meeting Room.

We aim to add at least one book to the library every month. (Most months we add lots more than that!).  New acquisitions are introduced in the Sunday morning announcements, and are featured on the 'New this month' stand in the library cabinet on the upper level of the foyer.  If you have suggestions for new titles, let one of the elders or deacons know.

Everyone who attends RCBH can borrow books from the Library.  The normal loan term is two weeks, but loans can be extended if no-one else has requested the book, or if a book is needed for longer-term study.  Ask the Librarian if you want to arrange an extended loan.  See the Library Users Guide here.