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19 September 2021

“I can’t help the way I feel.” As I looked through my feed on facebook the other day, I read an article mentioning some celebrity who had cheated on her spouse.  In defence of her actions, she said: “I can’t help the way I feel.”  The idea that we can’t control our feelings pops up often in modern culture.  Sometimes we may… Read More

12 September 2021

The power of art, the glory of God. They’re in the movies we watch.  The books we read.  The songs we listen to.  I’m talking about the constant messages that bombard us in everyday life – messages telling us that we can do it ourselves.  Solve our own problems, dig ourselves out of the pits we fall into.  You might hear… Read More

5 September 2021

Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness? By R.C. Sproul Some years ago, I spoke with a man whose business was to help people plan for the future.  He asked me about my goals, about what I wanted to accomplish in life.  As I went through this exercise, I noticed that one thing was conspicuously absent from my goals:… Read More

29 August 2021

Soli Deo Gloria: To God Alone be the Glory by R.C.Sproul Soli Deo gloria is the motto that grew out of the Protestant Reformation and was used on every composition by Johann Sebastian Bach.  He affixed the initials ‘SDG’ at the bottom of each manuscript to communicate the idea that it is God and God alone who is to… Read More

22 August 2021

Christ Precious to those that believe. The following is an excerpt from “Christ Precious to those who believe” by John Fawcett, published in 1839. This book can be freely downloaded in full from If Christ… Read More

15 August 2021

Wisdom for lockdown from the 16th century! Over the last year, the term “lockdown” has taken on a whole new level of meaning, especially here in Australia. Where many countries around the world have been exploring different ways of responding to COVID-19, our leaders in the seeming pursuit of eliminating… Read More

8 August 2021

A Fountain of Life for Thirsty Souls. Water is life. Don’t believe me?  Try going without it!  Without water, our bodies will die in about three days.  Without water, grass and plants will wither, and the world will die.  We need water – water is life!  It should come as no surprise, then, that water was a key feature… Read More

1 August 2021

The Excellence and Benefit of God’s Aseity.      Q. What is the aseity of God?  A. God’s aseity is the eternal condition of self-existent life that he possesses in and of himself.      Q. What does it mean to say that God has and is life in and of himself? Read More

25 July 2021

Humbled before God’s Holiness. To be humbled in the face of God’s holiness, one must truly behold His holiness.  In Isaiah 6, we find that the prophet beheld just such a vision. He “saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and the train of his robe filled the temple.”  The Temple was a holy place,… Read More

18 July 2021

Church Matters Jon Payne Is the local church really that necessary for the Christian life?  Aren’t there better, more relevant ways to thrive spiritually as a Christian?  It is my experience that an increasing number of believers are asking these sorts of questions. Sadly, some doubt the importance… Read More

11 July 2021

A Secret Revealed Gordon J. Keddie Daniel 2:17-23 (NKJV) 17  Then Daniel went to his house, and made the decision known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, his companions, 18  that they might seek mercies from the God of heaven concerning this… Read More

4 July 2021

To Enjoy Him Forever Sinclair Ferguson (Courtesy of Ligonier Ministries) While shaking hands at the church door, ministers are sometimes greeted with a spontaneous, “I really enjoyed that!”—which is immediately followed by, “Oh! I shouldn’t really say that,… Read More