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22 May 2022

Meditation - Desiring the temporary? Or seeking the eternal? (The Eternity of God – Pt 6). Isaac Overton Q. How ought we to benefit from the doctrine of God’s eternity?A. In seven ways: first, by drawing our affections away from that which is temporary, and toward… Read More

15 May 2022

Meditation – What are Governments supposed to do? (Who Should I Vote For? - Pt 3). Isaac Overton The last couple of weeks in these meditations, we’ve been starting to explore the question of who we should vote for as Christians. It’s an important question to think about, not only because we have elections… Read More

08 May 2022

Meditation – Rethinking Democracy Isaac Overton In last week’s meditation, as we started off our series of meditations to help us think biblically about how to use our vote wisely, we considered one basic idea, that: civil authorities are appointed by God as his servants, and are answerable to him for their… Read More

01 May 2022

Meditation – Who Should I Vote For? Isaac Overton As you well may know, 2022 is a busy year as far as elections are concerned. It’s a voting year for our national parliament, but we also have an election here in our state parliament of Victoria. A few folk at church have talked about this with me, and were… Read More

24 April 2022

What’s in Your Mind, Believer? by Sinclair Ferguson Since the time of the Reformation in the sixteenth century, the question has been asked endlessly: “What is the role of the law of God in light of the gospel?” The Apostle Paul found himself asking it (for example, Gal. 3:19: “What purpose then does the… Read More

10 April 2022

Further Up, Further In (The Eternity of God Pt 4). by Isaac Overton Movement. We drive, we run, we think, we work, we play, we build, we swim, we ride, we fly, we grow, we speak, we learn, we try, we fail, we win, we plant, we water, we laugh, we live, we fight, we die, we move. Life is a continual stream… Read More

17 April 2022

God’s Eternity in Time (The Eternity of God – Pt 5). by Isaac Overton Q. As an eternal being, how is it that God experiences and engages with the realm of time? A.The creation is not temporarily present to God, nor is it distant.… Read More

03 April 2022

God Does Not Change! (The Eternity of God Pt 3) by Isaac Overton Every so often we are struck by the ways in which people we know tend to change. In the space of our first year of life, for example, we change continuously and significantly. We note it in our children, especially when we see old photos from… Read More

27 March 2022

What is a Worldview? by James Anderson, courtesy of Ligonier Ministries: Abortion. Euthanasia. Pornography. Same-sex marriage. Transgender rights. Embryonic research. Genetic enhancement. Christians surveying the cultural landscape in the West have a… Read More

20 March 2022

God without beginning, God without end (The Eternity of God Pt 2). by Isaac Overton All created things have a beginning. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1:1). God, of course, is a different category of being – being uncreated, eternal, and holy. As we know from sacred scripture,… Read More

13 March 2022

Meditation - Gleanings from the PTC Conference. by Isaac Overton Over the course of this last week, I had the chance to go the Ministry Conference of the Presbyterian Theological College (based right here in Box Hill! Public memberships at their wonderful library are available for all!). It’s been really… Read More

06 March 2022

God is Eternal. by Isaac Overton Q. What does it mean to say that God is eternal? A. To say that God eternal means that he transcends time. “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth… Read More