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07 August 2022

Meditation – The heart of good communication. by Isaac Overton In his book “War of Words”, Paul David Tripp rightly says: “There is nothing we depend on more than our ability to give and receive communication… Words direct our existence and our relationships. They shape our observations and define our experiences.… Read More

31 July 2022

Meditation – Proverbs and the exceptional life by Isaac Overton Do you want to be exceptional? At the end of your life, what do you want to look back at and see? Think, for a moment, about those who have gone before us. Would you rather be a Noah? Or one of the nameless number who died in the flood? Would… Read More

24 July 2022

Meditation – The Gift of Music by Isaac Overton I have often thought that the existence of music poses a problem for atheists. They say that they believe only in the existence of a material universe, often promoting such notions as “survival of the fittest” in the natural world. This idea of the survival… Read More

17 July 2022

Meditation – the First Fruit of the Holy Spirit by Charles H. Spurgeon “But the fruit of the Spirit is love.” — Galatians v. 22. THE worst enemy we have is the flesh. Augustine used frequently to pray, “Lord, deliver me from that evil man, myself.” All the fire… Read More

10 July 2022

Meditation – After Roe: what’s our job now? by Rev. George Grant Note: This article is written in the context of the U.S., but I trust that it contains some useful thoughts for meditation in our context as well – Ps. Isaac. Circumstances change. Laws, courts, and administrations come and… Read More

03 July 2022

Meditation – Eternal Praise (The Eternity of God – Part 10) by Isaac Overton Q. How does the eternity of God come as a summons to give to God unending praise? A. In the revelation of the excellency of God’s eternity, we come to see… Read More

26 June 2022

Meditation – Eternal comfort in the midst of change (The Eternity of God – Part 9). by Isaac Overton I sometimes get this feeling, although it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what to call it. I wonder if you can relate? It’s a feeling that comes with sadness when I catch up with people who I haven’t seen… Read More

19 June 2022

Meditation – Humbled by Eternity (The Eternity of God – Part 8). by Isaac Overton One of the uniquely amusing things about being a parent is hearing your young children pontificate. In the vastness of their 6 or so years of life, apparently they have gathered enough insight to put them at least on par with… Read More

12 June 2022

An Open Letter to the Suffering Christian. by David Powlinson Dear friend, What words can I say to you when your life is hard and you are hurting? If we were face to face, I probably wouldn’t start with words at all. I would want you to talk when you are able. I want to know you, what you are going… Read More

05 June 2022

Meditation – God is eternally trustworthy (The Eternity of God – Pt 7). by Isaac Overton Q. What does it mean to say that God is eternal?A. To say that God eternal means that he transcends time. Q. How ought we to… Read More

29 May 2022

Meditation – Are there any worthwhile action movies to watch? (Part 2) by Isaac Overton The following is part of a correspondence with a friend, who asked the question: are there any worthwhile movies to watch? Dear George, I expressed my hope to be in… Read More

22 May 2022

Meditation - Desiring the temporary? Or seeking the eternal? (The Eternity of God – Pt 6). by Isaac Overton Q. How ought we to benefit from the doctrine of God’s eternity?A. In seven ways: first, by drawing our affections away from that which is temporary, and… Read More