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12 March 2023

Meditation – Keeping the Sabbath Holy (The Lord's Day - Part 3) by Isaac Overton The Sabbath is about God’s plan, the end goal, that he has for his creation. A plan to dwell with his creation, to rule over his creation, and as we participate in God’s rest, we anticipate that final rest that will be ours when… Read More

19 March 2023

Meditation – Why Time is Precious (Part 1) by Jonathan Edwards Why time is precious. Time is precious for the following reasons: 1. Because a happy or miserable eternity depends on the good or ill improvement of it. Things are precious in proportion to… Read More

05 March 2023

Meditation – Gen 2:1-3 – Day 7: “The day of rest”. Part 2: The Rest of God. by Isaac Overton We call the Lord’s Day “The Day of Rest”. But what does that actually mean? What is this “rest” all about really? When we use that word “rest”, probably the first thing we think about is kicking… Read More

26 February 2023

Meditation – The Sabbath and the Completion of Creation by Isaac Overton What is it that you look forward to the most? We’re almost always looking forward to something, whether it be a graduation, a visit from our children,… Read More

19 February 2023

Meditation – Why is there love poetry in the Bible? (Studies in the Song of Solomon #2) by Isaac Overton Why is there love poetry in the Bible? The normal reformed thing to do early on in a study on Song of Solomon is to explain the various different theories on how to read this book. Is it… Read More

12 February 2023

Meditation - Learning to read the Book of Creation (Studies in the Song of Solomon #1) by Isaac Overton While one does not usually expect to find poetry in the creeds and confessions the church, there is an unexpectedly beautiful line in Article 2 of the Belgic Confession. The… Read More

25 December 2022

Meditation – Christmas – For or Against? by Isaac Overton If you spend enough time in the world of reformed and presbyterian churches – of which we are happily a part – you will realise that there are some of our brethren who are fully opposed to celebrating Christmas. On theological grounds, they feel convicted… Read More

18 December 2022

Meditation – As One of Us by Mark Johnson When we hear John say, 'the Word became flesh' it is of course the Word to whom we have been introduced in the opening lines of the Gospel. The same Word who 'was God and who was with God', who in the beginning simply 'was' (Jn 1.1). The limitations of language struggle… Read More

11 December 2022

Meditation – The Divine Inspiration of Scripture by Isaac Overton Q. Why do we say that the Word of God the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God?A. God has testified clearly to us that the scriptures of the Old and New Testament are divinely… Read More

04 December 2022

Meditation – Gray Hair is a Crown of Glory by Ps. Joel Smit A pastor in our area once told me that the median age of his church was somewhere in the mid-20’s, and that he had no one over the age of 50. Many would have been impressed by such a fact. However, I was a bit sad to hear it—mainly because my friend… Read More

27 November 2022

Meditation – The Word of God the Father (The Truth of God – Pt. 4) by Isaac Overton Q. What is the word of God?A. Jesus Christ is the living and abiding word of God the Father, truly and fully reflecting his heart, being the image of the invisible God in whom… Read More

20 November 2022

Meditation – Pictures of Christ and the Second Commandment by Professor John Murray The question of the propriety of pictorial representations of the Saviour is one that merits examination. It must be granted that the worship of Christ is central in our holy faith, and the thought of the Saviour must in every… Read More