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3 October Worship Services


Due to the current lockdown throughout Victoria, we are not able to join together in person for worship today.  However we encourage you to set aside our normal times of corporate worship and join together in heart and voice on-line for the livestreamed worship services at 10:00am and 5:00pm .  

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10:00am MORNING WORSHIP -  Live streaming link - 

                     Click the link above for the church's YouTube channel.  Click 'SUBSCRIBE' and hit the BELL to get notifications of each new posting.

                                                      -  Hymns - 20211003 am Hymns  

                                                      -  Bible Study - Bible Study 20211003 am   

                                                       - Children's Sermon Sheet - Children's Sermon Notes 202101003    

5:00pm EVENING WORSHIP     -  Live streaming link - 

                                                       -  Hymns - 20211003 pm Hymns