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5 July 2020

The Authority of the Bible. In general terms, I think that there is a truncated idea of authority in our modern world.  We tend to basically think of it like this: someone with authority is someone who has the right and ability to tell other people what to do.  I actually think that this is an impoverished view… Read More

28 June 2020

What is conversion? Although Christians tend to make a lot of conversion, the Bible doesn’t so much.  It’s directly referred to only once, in Acts 15:3, which makes a passing reference to the “conversion of the Gentiles.”  In my favourite dictionary, Noah Webster says that conversion is “a turning or change… Read More

21 June 2020

What is a Pastor? A Pastor is an overseer of God’s people. In Ephesians 4:11 we read that one of the kinds of people that God gives as a gift to the church is pastors, a word that is interchangeable with ‘shepherd.’  Curiously, however, almost every other use of this word in the… Read More

14 June 2020

The Glory of God’s Patience. Why does God exercise his patience toward men? God exercises his patience toward men for the chief end of glorifying himself.  If God hates evil, and He has the power to destroy evildoers, then the question naturally arises: why does He exercise His patience… Read More

7 June 2020

What is the Patience of God? The Patience of God is His willingness and power to suffer the wrongs of sinners against Himself by temporarily withholding His righteous judgment. To exercise patience is to suffer.  In Genesis 6:6 we see it very clearly, that the… Read More

31 May 2020

Understanding Repentance. In the evening service we will be considering repentance as we open up Hosea 6.  As a supplement to the sermon, here is an article by Albert Martin examining repentance and (helpfully) question and answer 87 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  You may also wish to take some time to study the… Read More

24 May 2020

The Power of a Praying Pew-sitter A former pastor of mine liked to joke about church families getting home from church and having “pasta” for dinner.  The double meaning, of course, was that church families would often criticize the preacher’s sermon afterwards over the dinner table.  Now thankfully my experience… Read More

17 May 2020

How to train your children (and yourselves!) to listen to sermons (Part 3: Practicing the Preached Word). Brothers & Sisters, over the last two weeks I have been directing your attention to an article written by Dr Joel Beeke on training your children to listen to sermons (courtesy of “The Outlook” magazine from… Read More

10 May 2020

How to train your children (and yourselves!) to listen to sermons (Part 2: Receiving the Preached Word). Brothers & Sisters, last week I gave you the first part of Dr Joel Beeke’s article on training your children to listen to sermons (courtesy of “The Outlook” magazine from the Reformed Fellowship Inc.… Read More

3 May 2020

How to train your children (and yourself) to listen to sermons (Part 1: Preparing for the Preached Word). The following article is by Dr Joel Beeke, courtesy of “The Outlook” magazine from the Reformed Fellowship Inc. (visit to see the good work of this group!).… Read More

26 April 2020

Eat bread and live! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written here, and I hope and trust that you’ve been blessed as I’ve shared a few articles from other people.  This week I’d like for us to return to our series of meditations on the Lord’s Prayer. Yes, we are in remarkable and difficult circumstances,… Read More

19 April 2020

The Dove Mourns: Lamenting our sin. The following piece is by Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr., President and Professor of Systematic & Homiletical Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.   We all have heard the plaintive cry of a dove.  In fact, it is called the mourning dove because of… Read More