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23 February 2020

Praying like a slave. If you are a Christian, then there is something very important that you need to know: that you are not your own.  You do not belong to yourself.  Your life will no longer be directed as you see fit.  When it comes to your life goals, ambitions, and hopes, you must sacrifice them all and replace… Read More

16 February 2020

The Curious Christian Practice of Pragmatic Unbelief. There is a curious tendency I’ve noticed amongst Christians, and I don’t exclude myself here. It seems to be quite widespread, and it can show up in all manner of ways. I’m talking about the curious Christian practice of pragmatic unbelief. Allow me to explain! According… Read More

9 February 2020

The Holiness of God Back in Tasmania growing up, I used to love swimming in the summer. In rivers and fresh-water quarries, it gave me an enduring glimpse into the glory and goodness of God revealed in his creation. Generally, I preferred fresh-water, but there were also some great salt-water locations. One of those… Read More

2 February 2020

The Problem of Scattered thoughts in Prayer So you’re about to pray. You have your quiet time each day, the time you set aside to pray, but as you kneel, where do you start? And where do you go from there? Perhaps you can relate to the following scenario: You kneel down to pray, you were disciplined enough to set… Read More

26 January 2020

The Heart of Worship Our growth or stagnation in faith comes down to this single question: are our hearts far from God? Quite simply, we make time for and put our energy into the things we love. The heart of worship is a heart of devotion towards, and desire for, that which we worship. The human heart is always… Read More

22 December 2019

CRC Report #6 – Calvinist Reformed Churches of Indonesia. When it comes to international relations, it doesn’t come much closer for us as Australians than Indonesia. For those who have been following along in this series, you will recall that earlier in the year I had the opportunity to fellowship with various other… Read More

15 December 2019

Cultivating the Habit of Constant Prayer. “Pray without ceasing” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17. It’s been an average sort of a day for you. Not exactly great, but not too bad either. You got up later than you wanted to, mostly because you spent a bit too much time on your smart phone last night before… Read More

8 December 2019

ICRC Report #5 – Reformed Presbyterian Churches of Japan & Australia. There are at least two good things that come out of hearing about churches in other parts of our country and in other countries. First, it is encouraging to hear of what God is doing in other places. It gives us a slightly bigger perspective of… Read More

1 December 2019

Cultivating the habit of secret prayer Our prayer life cannot be healthy if it is not regular. I don’t know about you, but I think that those simple words hit hard. What? Surely not! Only super-Christians are regularly consistent!! After all, we’re all sinners, and we all often fail. And anyway, are there even any… Read More

24 November 2019

ICRC Report #4 – The Reformed Churches of New Zealand. Over the years, the denomination with which our denomination has had closest ties is easily the Reformed Churches of New Zealand. As we continue this little… Read More

17 November 2019

Praying through present darkness, expecting a coming glory… You may have heard about a public discussion going on in our state of Victoria at the moment. In February of this year, the Victorian Government committed to prohibiting what they term “harmful LGBT conversion practices.” Now note right up front, this is… Read More

10 November 2019

ICRC Report #3 – The Independent Reformed Churches of South Korea. Between 1907 and 1977, something remarkable happened in Korea. From a country that did not know the gospel at that time, the church grew in that period by 2.5 million believers, and 1300 churches. This is why I love history! There are things that… Read More